Monday, February 13, 2012

FCA Night of Champions 2012

45 recieved Christ for the first time and close to 100 re-committed their life to Christ on Friday night at Night of Champions. Where over 1,200 students from all the FCA schools in Orange County came together for the night. Speakers from USC football, Pro Lacrosse, and Pro snow boarder were great influence on the night.
Thank you to all the parents that went out of their way to get kids to Night of Champions. More info can be found here- Pictures should be uploaded soon.

Thursday, February 2, 2012

*FCA Students Speaks Powerfully Out to Their Peers*

Overall this huddle/event was probably the best we have seen in a long time. Braydon spoke powerfully to all his peers. He had such a humble heart and shared with all his peers students that nothing will satisfy you like a relationship with God. He talked about sex, drugs, alcohol, and did a awesome job explaining what I relationship with Christ means to him and us. It was absolutely powerful. It did so well that he left little room for Hallie to speak, but she was solid as a rock as usual. There were right at 200 students. The "parent team" and their support was right there behind them as always. The kids thank you. Please continue to be in prayer for the students and school here at Yorba Linda high. They need you!

FCA Night of Champions- Feb 10th

On the 10th of Feb. we are expecting 1,500 students from all the FCA schools in Orange County. Many of those students have been nominated for the Character and Influence award.  Parents are welcome, invited, and we are hopeful you will join us for the evening.
  • Free In and Out for all the students.
  • Outside activities and food starts at 5:45 & inside program starts at 7:45-8:00
  • Speakers- USC- Devon Kennard- He plays defensive end on the football team and was the number one high school recruit out of high school, a Pro Lacrosse player and a female Athlete, all who are doing big things for the Lord.

John Sarinana Speaks at YLH FCA

First FCA event/huddle of 2012 John Sarinana spoke for the students at YLH. John shared how God took him from a gang, drugs, alcohol, addictions, and near death experience, into a life with Christ. It all happened for John when he was 17 years old. His parents sent him to a center in mexico and John came back saved. God changed his life and he now looks to share his story where ever he can. John is now a youth pastor and says the past 10 years of his life have been the best. What a great infulence for the kids.
The "parent team" was there in full support as always with pizza, cookies, water, and goods.

Assisting, Equipping, Mentoring

AThroughout all the schools here in North Orange county the first week back we spent our focus and time  supporting and building up the leaders. Egypt Mckee came into our leadership teams and introduced  "The Clean Water Project" and talked with the leaders about what it means to be a leader and about their walk with Christ. Leadership mostly comes by nature within the students, but it also comes when you present an opportunity to the student where they can become a leader.
The leaders are all ramped up and ready to go for the new year.

Here are a few pictures of some of the leadership teams.

El Dorado High school Leadeship Team

Orange Lutheran Leadership Team

Esperanza Leadership Team

Monday, December 12, 2011

Catching Fire- Over 200 at YLH FCA

The students had one of the best FCA huddles of the year last week when Cal State Fullerton Volleyball player and NFL Egypt Mckee spoke. He is by far the best speakers that we have had this year. There were over 200 in attendance. The student leaders are stepping up and making that impact. It could not happen without all of the parents and supporters that provide physical support, pizza, cookies, goodies, and prayer for the students and the campus. Please continue to be in prayer for the students, FCA, and the campus.

Thursday, November 3, 2011

First Huddle of the Year at YLHS -10/26

The first event of the year the students spent time getting to know new people, they where supported by the "Parent Team" with free pizza, raffle items, and other goods. The student leaders did a good job of explaining FCA and prayed for the new year. Please conintue to be in prayer, in support for the kids, and school in any way you can.

Leadership Is Rolling 10/19

Leadership for the 2011/12 year looks great. There are roughly 35-40 student leaders that are pumped within the purposes and platform of FCA.They have been meeting for over 4 weeks now getting ready for the new year. There first outreach/huddle is Oct 26th in the gym. Please be in prayer and in support for the students and their efforts.

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Ja Hewitt Speaks-3/30

Local Youth pastor Ja Hewitt speaks at FCA. A special thank you to all that are supporting. Through your prayer and support God is moving. Please continue to be in prayer for the kids to reach their goal of impacting the campus and bridging the gap to the local church.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

APU Athletes Speak- 3/16

Wednesday the 16th was another outstanding outreach huddle event at YLH FCA. Tyler (football) and Todd (baseball) spoke and impacted many. Thank you to all that are supporting the kids. Please continue to support and be in prayer that God would move.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Leadership- 3/9

FCA leadership Wednesday the 9th was another great time of fellowship, planning, and growing deeper in our walk as leaders of FCA and with God. We prayed for Japan and other prayer request around the school, as Brad lead the bible study and heart inventory. He challenged us as leaders to look to be more of a mentor to others around us. Especially the underclassmen. Next week we have APU athletes coming in for our outreach. Please continue to be in prayer for us as we look to impact the school and bridge the gap to the local church.

Monday, March 7, 2011

#1 CA High School Basketball Prospect Shares Coming to Chirst *Must See Video*

Wednesday Omondi Amoke was the number one high school prospect in 2008. He is now with CS as he shares his story of coming to the Lord in front 200 Yorba Linda high students. The video is long but it is a must see video. Please Continue to pray that God moves through and blesses FCA. For the FCA team of students and parents purpose is to see the campus impacted and it being the bridge to the local church.

Monday, February 28, 2011

Leadership- 2/23

Wednesday was great to see two of our younger leaders Page and Arron share and lead our bible study and heart inventory. Our theme is "Catch Fire". As our leadership meetings are a time for study, sharing, planning, and fellowship, as they grow closer to the lord. As FCA's main goal is to impact the campus and bridge the gaps to local church. Please continue to be in prayer for these kids and their efforts to stand firm and reach out. God, please continue to move in each and everyone of these kids lives. Do so in such away that they experience you in an authentic way, that in this they catch fire for you. Amen.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Baseball Brothers Amazing Story

Sean (Washington Nationals) and Colin Rooney (Pepperdine) gave a life touching talk to over 200 FCA students Wednesday. They opened up about their journey playing baseball and growing a personal relationship with God. From wanting to quit, to playing like they have nothing to lose, Sean and Colin continued to rely on God for everything. They, unfortunately, lost their father and brother in a private plane crash two years ago. Their story was gripping and inspirational. Their impact and influence was surely felt today! Please continue to take some time and pray for the kids, FCA, and this campus. Thank you to the FCA "Parent team" for through you God is moving.

Annual OC FCA "Night of Champions"- 2011

1200 kids attended approx. 200 parents
1020 burgers given out in 2 hours/70 different schools represented/Over 100 volunteers
130 kids made a decision to follow Christ! amen

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Leadership Meeting - 2/9

Today Yorba Linda High’s FCA Leadership team met to fellowship and grow in their walk together.
It was great to see the 35+ leaders start their new bible study series themed, “Catch Fire”. As their hope and prayer is to see God move in and through their life, in a powerful way.
God, our prayer is that the kids see you move in and through their life in a powerful way. Amen
Let’s all continue to be in prayer for the kids and this campus.

1.       This Friday is “Night of Champions”. All supporters and parents are encouraged and welcome to come. ( There will be a place up top for you)
2.       FCA “Parent Team” Meeting- NEXT Wednesday Night at 7pm in Mr G’s room – right behind the library.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Former NFL/ Now TV owner & Host- Egypt Mckee

Today Former NFL QB/ now TV show host and owner Egypt Mckee came to Yorba Linda High.  It was awesome as Mckee challenged the students see who they are in the Lord. Let’s all continue to be in prayer for the kids here at YLH. God has a mission awaiting them. Our prayer within FCA is that we can assist in laying the foundation and build them up to live the incredible journey and mission God wants to lead them on.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Night Of Champions- *Coming 2/11/11*

FCA "Night of Champions" will be Friday Feb 11th at Mariners Church from 6-10pm and its all free. (*Parents are welcome and encouraged to come. There will be a section just for you up top*). Guest speakers include many pro and collegiate athletes with free food from In & Out Burger. We expect over 1,000 FCA students from within over 60 Orange County School FCA's. Main speaker will be USC's Matt Barkley. More info coming soon. You can also find more info at

Friday, January 21, 2011

Leadership- 1/19

Wednesday Yorba Linda Highs leadership met for fellowship, planning, and growing in there walk. Our next big event/ huddle in the Gym will be next Wednesday the 26th at 12:15. Our prayer as leaders this week was that we can take the same competitive heart we have to beat Orange Lu and give it to the Lord first. Our prayer is that we look to win in all God's ways first. God, we give you our all and want to win with you more than anything! Please join us in prayer. Its great to be back.

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Christmas Huddle- 12/15

Wednesday roughly 200 came to Yorba Linda High's FCA. Where an FCA leader dressed as Santa Clause shared about Jesus being the real reason for the season. He then also prayed over the FCA group. The other leaders continued to share about Christmas as they had a raffle, gave free pizza, and other goodies all provided by the parents. God is moving through these kids on this campus. Please continue to pray that he continues to move. We need your prayers and support.
There are many needs this coming year to continue supporting the kids in there effort to make a difference.
Merry Christmas!

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Leadership Meeting- 12/8

Today at Yorba Linda High, one of our student leaders "Hallie Somerville" gave our heart inventory during the leader's meeting.
The leaders planned to have a Christmas party event next Wednesday in the Gym with Speacial guest vistor "Santa Clause" aka. "Braydon Massie" and his elfs. This should be a kick. It would be great to see a lot of you parents there for this one.
A conitued thank you to all parents and supporters that allow God to move and impact lives on this campus.
Lets pray for the Somerville family and that God continues to move through FCA.
In him,

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Youth Pastor- Ja Hewitt Speaks- 12/1

A key part of FCA is to be a bridge to the local chruch. The kids understand that FCA can only be a small part of us changing lives and impacting a campus. So this week the students had youth pastor Ja Hewitt come and share with the group. He shared insight into the truth and importance to be within a body or community that is encouraging, fills, and leads you to the person God desires you to become.

Parents, will you pray that God will move in and through FCA to impact each kid and this campus.
A continued thank you to all who are apart of supporting these kids in prayer and giving of your time and resources. God is moving.
In him,

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Cal State Fullerton Athletes Speak- 11/17


Today Mike Lorezen (baseball) and Abbi Maraldi (volleyball) are two Cal State Fullerton student athletes that came to share with the students their testimony and heart. Mike shared about God leading him away from drugs and alcohol in high school and into a saving relationship. He also shared his heart of following God's will of turning down over a $million to come to Cal State Fullerton and that his purpose is to play to honor and glorify God.
Abbi also shared her heart of living to honor and glorify on the volleyball court.

A special thank you to the parents here that stepped to the plate in prayer, pizza, waters, goodies, and their physical presence this Wednesday. God is moving because of you.  Lets continue to pray that God will have his hand upon the kids, this school, and that we see him move this year.
In Him,

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Leadership Meeting

This Wednesday the leadership team met where they planned, shared, and prayed together. The students planned for two Cal State Fullerton athletes to come and speak in their next event. One thing that we always do in leadership is have someone give a heart inventory during the first or last 10 minutes of the leadership meeting. This week one of the student leaders Braydon gave his testimony or story.

Please continue to pray that God will have his hand upon the kids and their ministry to impact the campus!
Thank you for your support.
In him,

Monday, November 1, 2010

Yorba Linda High- Leadership and Second Event

Last week the stundents had youth pastor Ja Hewitt come to equip, inspire, and challenge the 35-40 student leaders of FCA to be plugged into their church as leaders. He came to help equip them in their mission to reach the lost on campus and get their friends plugged into a community of believers at church.

The students organized and had their second outreach event/ huddle where former NFL Arizona Cardinal QB/ TV show host/ Author- Egypt Mckee came to speak. It was great as Egypt inspired and challenged 170+ of them to be who God made them to be.

Yorba Linda High- First Event

Last year at Yorba Linda High school FCA, there was on average of 85-110 students attending to stand together, grow, hear from God's word, and about God from all different types of people. Yesterday, in our first event of the year there was 180+ students in attendance. Through the wonderful support of parents and others, the kids were partying it up with a live DJ, free food, as the kids had a free raffle. To open it up for the year, the purpose was to all gather and pray for the day, week, and year of YLHS and FCA. Way to go parents and student leaders! Our next Event here is Wednesday the 27th of Oct and we would love for any parents to come join us. Keep Praying.
In Him,